Azure AI-900 Certification: My Personal Experience

Azure AI-900 Certification: My Personal Experience

Journey through Azure's AI Landscape: Steps, Learnings, and Achievements

I am happy to share that I passed the AI-900 exam recently with a score of 928/1000. Here are some inputs from my experience, that might be helpful to anyone planning for the same.

The below materials helped with my exam preparation:

  1. Microsoft Official Documentation - good material with all basics & hands-on labs on Azure. A must-read for everyone.

  2. AI-900 full course by ExamPro - available on YouTube - 4hrs video - some of the concepts are outdated, due to service name changes in Azure. But gives a detailed outlook in a short time.

  3. Cheat-sheet from Whizcards for a quick refresher before the exam - some of the concepts are outdated, due to service name changes in Azure.

Practice tests:

  1. Official practice tests from MS ~200+ questions (tried multiple times, with some repeated questions though)

  2. Practice questions from ExamTopics ~120 questions with a free account - some of these appeared in the actual exam!

Exam experience:

  1. I chose to attempt from a test center near where I live.

  2. There are a total of 42 questions that need to be answered in 45 minutes. We need to manage time effectively. Got different question types - selecting a single answer, multiple answers, drag-drop, etc.

  3. The first 5-6 questions were very tricky, with lengthy descriptions & images - which will waste our time. Though there are very simple questions at the end of the exam!

  4. Minimum 3-4 questions from Responsible AI in Azure - very important topic.

  5. Some questions around - OpenAI/AzureOpenAI/ChatGPT/Github Co-pilot/LLM models from OpenAI.

  6. As usual, we can mark any question for review and check later - the best option is to cover all the questions at least once in the given time frame.

  7. Given my preparation, I felt the test was of medium complexity.

Here is my certificate

All the best with your preparation!

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