Hello 👋

I'm a Lead Automation Engineer/SDET, specializing in curating resilient automated test scripts and frameworks. My blog is dedicated to discussing, sharing, and exploring topics around software testing, automation, and DevOps alongside industry professionals and enthusiasts.

Key areas I'll delve into include:

  • Automating user interface (UI) and API testing processes.
  • Developing sophisticated test frameworks using Java, JavaScript/TypeScript (NodeJS.), and Python.
  • Leveraging build tools & package managers like Apache Maven, Gradle, npm, and Yarn to streamline testing processes.
  • Building applications using backend frameworks like Spring Boot and Express.js, and front-end framework Angular.
  • Establishing efficient CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins and GitHub Actions for frequent application updates.
  • Employing REST Assured and Postman for comprehensive API testing.
  • Managing source codes of test scripts and frameworks using Git.
  • Interacting with various databases including PostgreSQL, Oracle DB, MySQL, and MongoDB.
  • Managing applications deployed on cloud-based platforms like AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Azure.

Moreover, I'll share my experiences leading teams, managing test life cycles, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality software products. Join me as I traverse through my professional journey, imparting wisdom and experiences along the way.

Stay tuned!